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ACT Mobile Messenger lets you simply and easily send text messages from act!

Text Messages, also known as SMS (Short Message Service), are alphanumeric “message blocks”, usually sent over the telephone networks, from one handset to another. They have become very popular, as a short form of communication, as people put down pagers and emails in favor of Cell, Mobile & Smart Phones. Today, you can also send text messages from a computer to a myriad of handheld mobile devices using the Internet as the communication medium to literally anywhere in the world. The purpose and function of the ACT Mobile Messenger is to allow users of act! to send text messages directly from act! to any contacts with mobile phone numbers in the act! database. It is an Add-on or Plug-in software program that connects act! to a range of Message Gateways (Providers) that provide messaging services over the Internet.

Message Gateways

Message Gateways are similar to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in that they provide a service to a user that involves a hosted Internet service. In the case of an ISP, it is generally providing website hosting or email services. In the case of a message gateway, they provide a platform to enable users with a messaging account the ability to send a text message via a webpage, web service or API (application programming interface) directly via their platform into the telephone networks or hubs. This can involve telephone exchanges locally or internationally.


The first version of the ACT Mobile Messenger (1.0) was released in 2003 and supported the earlier versions of Act! software (4.0,5.0,6.0). This was followed up by V2.0, V2.1 & V2.1.2 which was the last release for the earlier versions of Act!. The latest release of ACT Mobile Messenger V3.1 supports the latest generation of Act! software and was designed to migrate all present functionality for those familiar with the prior versions..
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ACT Mobile Messenger is a fast communication tool that allows you to instantly send or schedule a text message (SMS) to any contact or group in ACT! and record the details in the contact history, notes or user fields. It is ideal for any application that requires a record of the message that was sent including message detail, date and time. You can also send text message confirmations and reminders for any Act! activity including custom activities. Text message can be sent using templates using activity series and smart tasks. There is even a separate SMS management application that handles distribution of scheduled text messages even when Act! is closed for the day. Local time is also supported for international messages..
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