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One day I received a phone call from somebody who wanted to set up a modest call centre for a home security business. He wanted to be able to use Act! to manage telephone enquiries from homeowners interested in home security. He also wanted to be able to send alerts to the security guards. He was trying to use some sort of modem connected to computers to send the messages..
After some research and then talking with one of the worlds leading Act! Consultants I was put in touch with a mobile messaging gateway that allowed you to send text messages directly from a webpage. I then decided to build an Act! Add-on to create a connection between Act! and the message gateway …         the ACT Mobile Messenger.
The first version of the ACT Mobile Messenger (1.0) was released in 2003 and supported the earlier versions of Act! software (4.0,5.0,6.0). This was followed up by V2.0, V2.1 & V2.1.2 which was the last release for the earlier versions of Act!. 
The latest release of ACT Mobile Messenger V3.1 supports the latest generation of Act! software and was designed to migrate all present functionality for those familiar with the prior versions.
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Act! is the #1 selling contact and customer manager, enabling small businesses and sales teams to organize customer details, increase productivity, and drive results. Now with integrated email marketing and social media marketing tools from one great company, Act! is your 'command center' of choice. 

ACT Mobile Messenger is a fast communication tool that allows you to instantly send or schedule a text message (SMS) to any contact or group in ACT! and record the details in the contact history, notes or user fields. It is ideal for any application that requires a record of the message that was sent including message detail, date and time. You can also send text message confirmations and reminders for any Act! activity including custom activities. Text message can be sent using templates using activity series and smart tasks. There is even a separate SMS management application that handles distribution of scheduled text messages even when Act! is closed for the day. Local time is also supported for international messages.
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